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yell0wsuit's blog

Website updates and stuff I write randomly. I don't write blog often.

Category: Development

Website revamped

The theme is still there, but I decided to revamp it a little bit. The most obvious changes are the navigation bar at the top, in which I added a toggle button to change to light/dark mode to suit your preference (in addition to the auto mode) instead of sticking to the default auto mode […]

Category: Announcement

Quick heads-up about Subway Surfers (WebAssembly version)

The last few days I accidentally deleted an important file that helps the game run, so everyone experienced softlock at the game’s loading screen. This was fixed, and I really apologize for that. But, to compensate that, I have added 5 new World Tour themes! Previously I added them, but some of them exhibited issues […]

Category: Development

How it all began…

HTML5 games are interesting, and they can be played in the browser without installing. As far as I can remember, HTML5 tech grew in popularity (although minor) around 2012, when Microsoft partnered with some companies to bring their hit IPs to HTML5. Cut the Rope was among the games that got ported to HTML5, and […]

Category: Announcement

New DIY custom WordPress theme

Yes, I made my own WordPress theme! Now its design is consistent with my homepage’s (better than Windows 11’s theme consistency–joke!). Starting from the very basic stuff like importing the HTML elements from my own design, well it’s kinda easy. I have to learn PHP along with WordPress codes in order to incorporate dynamic stuff […]

Category: Announcement

New website announcement: the sequel

Why sequel? Well, I did have a free domain before, but it had issues with GitHub HTTPS, so I decided to use just But now I have a real website now. Announcing…! via GIFER Thanks to GitHub I managed to have my own HTML5 games collection, but with my own domain I have […]

Category: Announcement

Important announcement regarding the HTML5 games section

This blog post is quite long, so here’s the TLDR (too long don’t read) version: My HTML5 games repo is almost hitting 5 GB limit I decide to move the repo to my own hosting server, GitHub isn’t an ideal place for hosting files Right now I haven’t found an ideal hosting server, so the […]

Category: Announcement

Different blog website, why?

It’s not on my main website because the free .me domain does not allow installing WordPress plugin, so I have to resort to this free domain ( I don’t know if I earn enough money to buy a new domain (so everything is in one place). It has an advantage, though. I can customize the […]

Category: Announcement

New website

Welp, I have my personal domain now, But this domain is free for 1 year, and it will expire in October 2022 (backup link is I’m not gonna renew it by the way, because the .me domain is expensive (about $20/year). I would rather stick to .com domain, which is cheaper and more popular. […]