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New website

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The content below may be outdated and does not reflect the current state of the website. It is included here as-is for archival purposes.

Welp, I have my personal domain now, But this domain is free for 1 year, and it will expire in October 2022 (backup link is

I'm not gonna renew it by the way, because the .me domain is expensive (about $20/year). I would rather stick to .com domain, which is cheaper and more popular.

I made my web during my free time, and its design is quite simple. Using Windows 11's design languages (grey background, rounded corner, etc.) and F12 Developer Tools, I tweaked many elements of my website to my personal taste. Yes, there are some hard-to-fix parts, but eventually I fixed them properly. I also learned some elements from some third-party websites (like the navigation menu and the image-scrolling gallery on the homepage).

My website can be also browsed on mobile phones, and it is compatible with dark theme -- change to dark mode in your operation system's settings (games and some Oxford tools are not compatible though, be careful!)

EDIT: I no longer use because it has issue with GitHub's HTTPS. Every month GitHub automatically renews the HTTPS certificate, but for some reasons, my .me website stuck at the renew process for weeks. So I think just stick to the free domain is enough, without the HTTPS renewal process hassle. Lol.