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Different blog website, why?

Posted on: November 14, 2021

Last edited: July 11, 2022

It’s not on my main website because the free .me domain does not allow installing WordPress plugin, so I have to resort to this free domain ( I don’t know if I earn enough money to buy a new domain (so everything is in one place).

It has an advantage, though. I can customize the default WordPress theme to my heart’s content (like changing default font to Inter). On official, free site, you are not allowed to customize like this (it requires Business plan lol), so having this free domain that hosts WP is a blessing.

The Inter font is my favorite. It is quite similar to San Francisco, an Apple font for its platforms (iOS, macOS, etc.). Unfortunately, Apple restricts the usage of San Francisco to its platforms, so having an alternative is awesome. Inter is also easy to read, so a long paragraph in Inter font really pleases the eyes.

5 replies to “Different blog website, why?”


yellow pls give updated source code


hey man love ur stuff! playing your unblocked games here in illinois!


    <3 thanks a lot. glad you enjoyed it

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