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Why I make the HTML5 games repo private + new game addition criteria

· 2 min read


The content below may be outdated and does not reflect the current state of the website. It is included here as-is for archival purposes.

I started it mainly for fun. Overtime, it seems that many people are interested in it, and I appreciate it a lot (I've read the comments on my posts just now, I didn't expect people would come here lol). I once made it public so that everyone could see, fork, and play it, but at the same time I also saw some people who just forked it and made it as their own without attributing to me, and that made me really disappointed. That's why I had to make it private. Due to that, I will no longer update the source code on

Downloading resources from games, especially Temple Run 2, is a tedious process. You have to constantly use the Developer Tools to inspect the traffic in order to grab the necessary files to make the game run. Some games even implement site-blocking, which took me a lot of effort to "unblock" it like Cut the Rope: Magic and Temple Run 2. I also considered implementing my own site-blocking code, but didn't because it was an evil move. For all the hard work like that but without attribution or mention of my nickname, it's best just to keep the code for myself but let everyone only play it, not fork it for easy leeching. Gotta F12 for yourself!

About adding new games, I only add them if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be: well-known, official, high quality
  • Must not be a clone of popular games
  • Must be completely single-player -- no (online) multiplayers (I once tried with ZeptoLab's C.A.T.S only to realize it needs server)

Comments are welcome, and if I find the game interesting enough I'll consider adding it.