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Important announcement regarding the HTML5 games section

Posted on: June 16, 2022

Last edited: July 11, 2022

This blog post is quite long, so here’s the TLDR (too long don’t read) version:

  • My HTML5 games repo is almost hitting 5 GB limit
  • I decide to move the repo to my own hosting server, GitHub isn’t an ideal place for hosting files
    • Right now I haven’t found an ideal hosting server, so the HTML5 games section will be down temporarily after June 28, 2022
  • I create Ko-fi page so you guys can donate me

I got GitHub Pro for free for a year, but my account will be downgraded to Free tier on June 28, 2022. What does that mean, you may ask. Well, Pro tier allows you to create GitHub Pages from private repositories, whereas Free tier only allows you to create Pages from public repos. In a previous post I explained why I set the HTML5 games repo private, and downgrading to Free tier means I have to make the repo public just to keep the HTML5 games section live, something I want to avoid.

After researching I found that GitHub is not a really ideal place for hosting files since it’s a place for hosting code only, and I found the HTML5 games section doesn’t fit that criteria, so I decide to move it to my own hosting server.

I haven’t decided on which hosting yet (suggest one in the comment), so after June 28, that section is gonna offline for a while until I have moved everything to my server (really sorry for the inconvenience!). Moreover, GitHub doesn’t like large repos–if you hit around 5 GB they’re gonna contact you via email (possibility remind you to reduce the storage or impose some sorts of restrictions), and I don’t want that happen.

Overtime, as more games are added, it’s easy to go over 5 GB, so I think it’s best to buy my own server (I don’t trust free ones). Currently the HTML5 games repo takes up 4.8 GB (yikes!). Moving to my own server gives me more freedom (and more storage), but I have to pay it with my own pocket, so I created my own Ko-fi page so you guys can donate me as little as $5, whether it’s one-time payment or monthly if you’re willing to! My Ko-fi page is Thanks in advance!

5 replies to “Important announcement regarding the HTML5 games section”


Hello, please give me the sources for The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in Singapore and Doodle Jump. I promise that I will indicate you as the author and leave a link to the site or github.


    No, I mean please let me download the repositories of those games. Or send them to me by mail, I will be very grateful.


    As explained in my previous blog post, I decided to make the repo private to prevent people from leeching stuff easily (and not crediting me for the modifications). Many people did that before, so unfortunately I have to reject your request. To get the games you have to do it by yourself. Also there isn’t any guarantee that you will credit me later.


    please write me an e-mail


Нет, я имею в виду, пожалуйста, дайте мне скачать репозитории этих игр. Или отправьте мне их на почту, буду очень благодарен.

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