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New website announcement: the sequel

· 2 min read


The content below may be outdated and does not reflect the current state of the website. It is included here as-is for archival purposes.

Why sequel? Well, I did have a free domain before, but it had issues with GitHub HTTPS, so I decided to use just

But now I have a real website now. Announcing...

Celebrate gif

Thanks to GitHub I managed to have my own HTML5 games collection, but with my own domain I have much more freedom now. Utilizing CloudFlare's cache and speed tweaks, my website is much more faster than ever. With increased storage I can upload more games now, on GitHub there's a limit of 5GB and generally a large repository definitely attracts their attentions.

But my effort alone is not enough, I have to pay the hosting fee so I can host HTML5 games for free. I do not run ads on my websites, so it would be nice if you guys help me too (currently there's none :( ).

I have a Ko-fi page, and also a brand new Patreon page in case you don't have a Ko-fi account. For $5/month tier I will add your name as special thanks in my website. With your effort together we can keep the website alive! I will think of more tier soon.