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New DIY custom Wordpress theme

· 2 min read


The content below may be outdated and does not reflect the current state of the website. It is included here as-is for archival purposes.

Yes, I made my own Wordpress theme! Now its design is consistent with my homepage's (better than Windows 11's theme consistency--joke!).

Starting from the very basic stuff like importing the HTML elements from my own design, well it's kinda easy. I have to learn PHP along with Wordpress codes in order to incorporate dynamic stuff into static elements. But it took me a week to make this design from scratch. Why?

It's because of:

  • The archive section in the sidebar
  • The comments

The archive section in the sidebar took me several days to make it to use the custom CSS list code from Bootstrap. I almost gave up on this, but then I found a very simple solution--it exists within the wp_get_archives() function (by adding classes to the <li> element inside both 'format' and 'before').

The comments, it's different. Implementing styles for parent--or main--comments, is easy. But for child comments, it's not. This really gave me headache 🤨. I searched through Stack Overflow and using if($comment->comment_parent), along with comment_text($comment->comment_child), worked for me.

And I thought it was done, but then my blog does not display properly on mobile. Turned out I forgot to add viewport meta in the header 🤦, lol.

While my theme seems complete, I haven't implemented page navigation for posts. I'll do it soon.