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Three games updated: Angry Birds Chrome, Cut the Rope: Magic and Temple Run 2

· One min read

Breaking news: Angry Birds Chrome has been updated to fix the sound issue! Previously, the game was playable but there was no sound. Now you can hear the music and the birds' sound! (Please note that you need to click on the game to enable the sound. In case you forget, toggle the audio button in-game on/off will resolve the issue.)

In addition, Cut the Rope: Magic has been updated to use high quality assets (images and audio files), so you can enjoy the game better.

Also, new theme comes to Temple Run 2: Frozen Festival! In the Frozen Festival map, you will be greeted with a deep and snowy winter full of celebratory holiday ornaments and a brand new character to control. It is quite similar to the Arctic theme, but for holiday season (well... should be added in winter not summer LOL!).