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Goodbye WordPress, hello Docusaurus

· 2 min read

I decided to move from WordPress to Docusaurus to host my blog.

WordPress has long been a staple for bloggers, offering a range of dynamic content capabilities, thanks to PHP. It's been the go-to for many because of its ease of use and flexibility. However, recently I found that WP is slow and sluggish while consuming a considerable amount of my server's resources.

Not only that, its editors are very inconvenient to use. The WP team enforces the garbage block editor (Gutenberg)—you might want to see how "awesome" it is 💀👽. While some appreciate the modern approach it brings to content creation, others find it less than user-friendly, longing for the simplicity of the classic editor. The classic editor is kinda buggy, but it gets the job done.

With my frustration experience with WP, it's time to look for alternatives. A lot of current projects I am working on have adopted Docusaurus, but I mainly use it for the "docs" features. Therefore, I will use its blog feature.

Writing in Markdown is pretty easy, the only issue that I have to type my own publication date. Soon, I will integrate giscus—with a GitHub account, you can comment on my blog (unfortunately, old comments from WP cannot be carried over). [Edit: comment section is now live!]