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What's new for my website

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Image source: Jon S on Flickr

This page is where I document all the changes to my main website, so make sure you visit often to check for the updates.


Don't see the changes? Try clearing the browser cache.

May 23, 2024

Website updates

  • Centered the search box, download and import buttons.
  • Added the gap between the download and import buttons for small screens.
  • Added a loading overlay when loading the game page. This will better communicate to you that the page is still loading.
    • Previously, the page finished loading but the game list was blank with 0 game.
  • Excluded some unnecessary data from importing/downloading. This makes the zip file smaller.
  • Fixed the Java 2 ME link.
  • Fixed missing progress bar for downloading/exporting game save data.
  • Add a link to this page :).

Game updates

  • Added: Like a King!, Vivaldia 2