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Website revamped

· 2 min read


The content below may be outdated and does not reflect the current state of the website. It is included here as-is for archival purposes.

The theme is still there, but I decided to revamp it a little bit.

The most obvious changes are the navigation bar at the top, in which I added a toggle button to change to light/dark mode to suit your preference (in addition to the auto mode) instead of sticking to the default auto mode like before. The second change is the overall look of my website.

How it all began...

· 2 min read

HTML5 games are interesting, and they can be played in the browser without installing. As far as I can remember, HTML5 tech grew in popularity (although minor) around 2012, when Microsoft partnered with some companies to bring their hit IPs to HTML5. Cut the Rope was among the games that got ported to HTML5, and it was the reason why I was interested in HTML5.